Nice and tight

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Description: When two CSIS agents Victoria and Jenna went to Nigeria for secret intel. Their mission didn’t go so well. It started out great their flight was on time and the hotel room was upgraded to the penthouse suite. Even their rendezvous went smoothly and they acquired the intel they came for. When they returned to their hotel suite there was a knock at the door. Room service a woman said I’ve got your extra towels and toiletries. Great Victoria said and opened the door. A room service woman entered carrying a lot of towels, washcloths and shampoo and walked to the bathroom. When she returned things went south for the two agents! The woman was pointing a submachine gun with a silencer at them! Do as your told or I’ll execute both of you! She then made them strip and pack their mouths with a washcloth and duct tape gag themselves! Then ordered them to sit in the corner of the hotel suite facing the wall. With their legs crossed and hands behind their head. As the woman watched them closely she changed into Jenna’s dress and put on Victoria’s heels. She then made them get up and put all the clothes on the floor into Jenna’s carry on suitcase with the intel as well. The woman then ordered them to sit back down and threw handcuffs and zip ties on the floor! Then ordered Jenna to start tying up Victoria! Nice and tight Becky with those handcuffs the woman said as she watched them closely! Good girl now zip tie your feet and handcuff yourself! When Jenna was done she made them hop to the bathroom were she hogtied Jenna in the bathtub as Victoria watched sitting on the floor! When she was done with Jenna the woman made Victoria hop to the bedroom closet were she hogtied her! Victoria and Jenna had no idea the woman was a SSS agent from Nigeria sent to steal their intel! On her way out she locked the bedroom closet and bathroom door. Also put the do not disturb sign on their door handle. The SSS agent then made her clean getaway with all their clothes and the secret intel.
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