Mission failed

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Description: The alternate ending of Nice and tight. Just as the SSS agent thought she had everything under control her plans went south for her! As the agent was watching Jenna tie up Victoria she made the mistake of getting to close. The agent got distracted by a noise coming from the hallway of the hotel and looked away for a second. Jenna then used the opportunity to pounce on her! Jenna applied a sweep kick on her knocking her down. She also managed to kick the gun out of her hand and the fight was on! The two agents were highly trained in hand to hand combat. The fight lasted a good two minutes but it was Jenna who came out on top! She landed a swift kick to the gut of the SSS agent sending her flying back to the floor! Then Jenna dove for the gun! As the SSS agent was getting back up for more. Jenna was still gagged so she fired a round into the couch then pointed the gun at her! She then ripped off her tape gag and spit out the washcloth and yelled freeze bitch! Do as your told or I’ll execute you! Now fucking strip take off my dress whore! As the SSS agent was stripping Jenna threw the roll of duct tape and the washcloth from her mouth at the agents feet. It’s your turn bitch pack that mouth and tape it shut! Now sit your ass down in the corner and face the wall! Put your hands behind your head and cross your legs that’s a good girl! Then Jenna started to put her dress back on as she watched the SSS agent like a hawk! Victoria started to gag talk to Jenna as she was getting dressed mmmph, mmmph! I’ll be right there Jenna said. She then approached Victoria and told her to turn around so she can get the handcuffs off. As Victoria turned around Jenna pistol whipped her in the back of her head knocking her out cold! Then she picked up the handcuffs and zip ties on the floor meant for her and said this will do! Now get your ass up and carry this whore to the bathroom move it Beyoncé! The SSS agent got up and ots carried Victoria to the bathroom as Jenna followed from behind! Now put her ass in the jacuzzi tub bitch! As the SSS agent was putting Victoria in the jacuzzi Jenna pistol whipped her in the back of the head knocking her out cold! The SSS agent fell into the jacuzzi right on top of Victoria! Jenna then handcuffed the agent and zip tied her ankles. Then she tightly hogtied both of them in the jacuzzi! Jenna was a CIA double agent working in the CSIS and saw her opportunity to steal the top secret intel and return to the U.S. She then jammed a chair under the bathroom door handle to lock them in! Jenna slipped on her heels and grabbed her carry on suitcase with the secret intel. She left the do not disturb sign on the door handle in the hallway on her way out! Then took a cab to the airport Jenna managed to trade in Victoria’s plane ticket and upgrade to first class on her flight home to the U.S. As Jenna was flying home sitting in first class sipping wine she wondered who was going to get free first? Since they both don’t trust one another! They won’t be helping each other take off their gags and get out of their hogties Jenna laughed to herself!
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