Tables have turned

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Description: The night when two rouge CIA agents Jamaria and Stacy went missing after trying to steal a top secret computer virus! It was created by a computer scientist named Jasmine. The two agents watched her house for a week to get her daily routine down. But what Jamaria and Stacy didn’t know is that she was watching them! Jasmine was ready for the two and had a nice trap waiting for them! The night the agents made their move and broke into Jasmines house they couldn’t find her! She was hiding in her safe room watching them on surveillance cameras! I thought you said she was home Stacy said! I saw her car pull into the garage hours ago! Shut up and keep looking she’s here somewhere this house is big Jamaria said! The two agents entered the master bedroom and saw a briefcase on the bed. Jamaria opened it up thinking the computer virus disc could be inside. What the fuck look at this Jamaria said! The briefcase was filled with ropes, pantyhose, lipstick and ball gags! Wow she’s one kinky bitch said Stacy! All of the sudden a small drone came flying into the bedroom. What the fuck is that Jamaria said! As the drone approached the agents it exploded and the room filled up with sleeping gas! The agents began to cough and tried to escape! But it was too late and they both passed out cold! When they finally woke up Jamaria and Stacy realized their predicament really fast! Jasmine was sitting on the bed laughing at them holding Stacy’s gun! They had been stripped and tied up with the bondage supplies from the briefcase! How do two like my pantyhose? I must say you two look stunning in them! Mmmmph, mmmph,mmmph! Oh you’re welcome girls! Since the two of you were sleeping on the job I took it upon myself to get you two bitches ready for your naughty girl sale! Mmmph, mmmmph, mmmph!! That’s right I’m selling you both! Did you really think the two of you could get the upper hand on me? Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!! Really well the tables have turned! Don’t worry you two whores like sex it’ll be a good career change since you both are lousy CIA agents! Mmmmph, mmmph!!! Yeah I looked through your stuff when you two were passed out! You’re not getting the virus! The only thing you’re getting is a long boat ride to your new job! Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph!! Ten minutes later a man arrived and was really pleased with what he saw! He then gave Jasmine a lot of money then loaded the two angry agents into his van. Bon voyage Jasmine laughed to herself as she watched the van pull away from her house! Jasmine then drove their car to the airport and parked it then took a cab back home.
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