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Description: When Rose, Trisha and Zoey’s kidnapping plan failed! The three girls managed to kidnap the governors daughter Lisa. They abducted her on Friday when she was at the salon. As she was inside getting her weekly mani-pedi and bikini wax. The three girls got the jump on her chauffeur driver Amber. They made her at gunpoint drive around the corner and strip! After that Rose pistol whipped Amber in the back of her head knocking her out cold! The three girls then hogtied and gagged her and put her in a dumpster! Trisha then put on Amber’s chauffeur suit and drove back to the salon. When she came out of the salon Trisha pulled up and Lisa got in. Hey who are you where’s Amber Lisa asked? Oh I’m Trisha she got a headache and had to go so I’m filling in for her. Trisha then drove off around the block where she picked up Rose! Who the fuck are you Lisa asked? I’m in charge that’s who I am Rose said as she pulled out her pistol drive Trisha! They drove to a house on the outskirts of town. Alright bitch put your hands behind your head and walk on in! Lisa did what she was told and walked into the house as Rose followed her pointing the pistol at her back! Once they were inside they made Lisa strip then tied her up! A couple minutes later Zoey arrived at the house. Good thing too because she found Lisa secret tracking device in her clothing! Holly shit we better get rid of that Trisha said! Don’t worry me and Rose will go dump her town car and all her stuff miles away. Keep an eye on her! Zoey and Rose left the house. Rose drove the town car and Zoey followed in her car. When they dumped the car and all of Lisa’s stuff miles away they decided to get some food. Meanwhile back at the house Trisha had to use the bathroom and left Lisa alone for a couple minutes! What Trisha didn’t know is that Lisa loves to be tied up and escape! Her boyfriend always ties her up and has sex with her then leaves her to escape! Lisa has become a very good escape artist playing her sex games! She used her skills and escaped her bondage before Trisha got back from the bathroom! Lisa then caught Trisha off gaurd when she returned! Lisa found Trisha’s gun and was waiting for her! What the fuck Trisha said where is she! I’m right behind you now don’t make a move or I’ll blow your head off bitch! Strip turn around and face the wall now! Trisha turned to the wall and started to strip out of Amber’s chauffeur suit! When she was almost done Lisa pistol whipped her knocking her out cold! You fucked with the wrong girl bitch Lisa said as she was putting on Amber’s suit! She then looked around the room and found Trisha’s phone and some clothespins! Then she called her dad and told him what happened and where she was! Now let’s get you tied up I’ve got something special for your nipples whore! Lisa then tied up and gagged Trisha really well as she was passed out! Shortly after she was done Rose and Zoey returned to the house! I’m going to scissor that bitch before I give her back to daddy Rose said! I’ll go relieve Trisha so you two can eat. Wow you’re a kinky bitch Zoey laughed! Why don’t you come join us after you eat! Sounds great just don’t wear her out too much save some for me Zoey said! Five minutes passed and Trisha never came to eat. Wow they both must be doing her! Let me check on these girls as soon as Zoey got to the living room things weren’t going so well for them! It’s about time you joined the party Lisa said pointing a pistol at her! Zoey quickly noticed the tables have turned! As Rose was on her knees stripped down to her bra and pantyhose tape wrap gagging herself! Trisha was on her knees stripped down to her pantyhose tied up and gagged! Strip let’s go Zoey did what she was told! On your knees now pack that mouth and tape it shut! Good girl now lose the bras bitches I’ve got something special for your nipples too! Lisa had stripped and tied up the three before her dads agents arrived at the house! When agent John and his team arrived they were impressed how Lisa had handled the situation! Alright men take Lisa home I want to interrogate these three before I call for their transport! As soon as they left the house agent John pulled out his switch blade knife! We’re going to get to know one another a lot better! Agent John then had very rough sex with the three for hours with his knife at their throats! When John was done he made a phone call! A half an hour later another man arrived and gave agent John a lot of cash! Well it’s been fun ladies agent John laughed as he left the house! I hope you girls like boats because you’re going on a long journey to your new job the man said! Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmmph!!! Yes your sex slaves now! Mmmph, mmmph, mmmmph!! The man then chloroformed the three angry girls! Then he loaded them into his van and drove to the marina!
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