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About me: Domme with years of experience, bondage fan. Seeking interest similar with others. :devil: no videos no add, must have at least 12 videos and at least the same on private or 7 in private, videos should be similar to what I have, I'm not interested in chloroform videos. ,feet,femdom,videos under 5 minutes,tickling. If you see what's on my page you should be able to understand. If you have videos it doesn't mean you're getting added either, if they're of no interest I don't add, if they're on private I will add you to see but if they're not of interest, I remove you. I don't make exceptions, if you tell me you're a bondage fan, still no add, if you tell me you love my videos, still no add, if you tell me you have videos and they're inactive, then send a request when they are active, I had to wait for mine to be active before anyone added me, I will not help you on how to add videos, I will not trade, I know I sound like a jerk but I don't care, my page my rules.